Cover Reveal: Summer Feels: A #romanceclass Anthology

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Cover Reveal: Summer Feels: A #romanceclass Anthology


One thing you should know about me is I have distinct workaholic tendencies. Case in point, my decision to try my hand at compiling and editing my first ever anthology at the same time as I’m working to set up three new businesses and move back to my hometown after 10 years away. There have been (and I’m sure still will be) moments when I’ve wanted to tear my hair out or laugh like a maniac or cry like I just watched the opening montage of Up again. And yet today I get to unveil the cover for SUMMER FEELS, the second #romanceclass anthology, the first to feature all-new writers who’ve never before been published on Amazon or in print.

Keep reading for the cover and deets about the book and oh-so-awesome designer!

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