Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers Amazon Launch Giveaway

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Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers Amazon Launch Giveaway

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I recently launched my 2014 contemporary romance novella, Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers, on Amazon, and I thought I’d celebrate the occasion with giveaway to spread the word!

Keep reading to learn more about the book, read an excerpt, and join the giveaway.


Book Details & Blurb

Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers
Christy Martinez may have been a nerd and the number one victim for the mean girls in her high school, but she’s since grown up, gone to college, and carved out a successful career for herself. Now in her late 20s, she’s put high school behind her, only to be blindsided by a blast from her past.

She and her friends have planned a much-needed vacation, but she finds out at the last minute that they’ll be joined by uber rich and gorgeous Kyle Quinto. He just happens to be the guy who played a cruel trick on her in high school, breaking her heart and making her a target for bullying in the process.

Can Christy forgive and forget? Because Kyle is a whole lot of hot.


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Christy was waiting in the lobby of her apartment building, her bag stuffed with the new outfits she and Serena had bought. She’d gotten new highlights in her naturally dark brown hair while having her nails cleaned and painted a pretty shade of pink. And after their shopping marathon, they’d headed to a waxing studio, where she’d had her legs done, and Serena had bullied and cajoled her into getting a Brazilian instead of her usual bikini wax.

The whole adventure had been thoroughly expensive, but it had been worth it. For the first time since her breakup with Mark, Christy felt like the sexy, successful woman her sister was always insisting she was. And it didn’t matter that the guy she’d prettied up for was someone she wouldn’t hook up with if he were the last man on the planet because it still felt great.

I’m doing this for myself, not for him, she reminded herself. And she smiled. Take that, Kyle Quinto.

Just then, her phone pinged. We’re coming up on your building now, Tracy had messaged. She got up from the couch where she’d been sitting, picked up the floral sling bag she’d traded her purse for, and rolled her small suitcase up to the door just as an unfamiliar SUV pulled up in the driveway. She hesitated for a moment, but then the front passenger door opened, and Victor climbed out.

“Hey, Vic!” she said with a smile, coming forward.

He smiled and bent to kiss her on the cheek. “Hey, Christy,” he said, giving her a mock leer that had her grinning at him. “Looking gorgeous as always. Let me get your suitcase.”

“I could say the same,” she replied, following him to the back of the vehicle, where he added her bag to the three already piled neatly in the back along with a cooler. And it was true; all their friends loved to tease Tracy about what a hottie she’d landed in Victor.

“Hey, no flirting with my guy!” Tracy called from where she sat in the backseat. Christy could see her grin over the tops of the suitcases, and she smiled and waved back. “Love the outfit, by the way. Is it Serena’s?”

“Nope! But she and I went shopping the other day.” Tracy was forever ragging on Christy about her “boring monochromatic wardrobe,” as she called it. And it was true that Christy preferred to stick to black, white, and gray shades when she shopped for herself, with the exception of the occasional blue jeans. But Serena had strictly enforced a “nothing but colors” rule during their shopping trip, and today Christy was wearing one of the new outfits they’d picked together: a semisheer Balinese-print caftan in turquoise paired with denim cutoffs that skimmed the tops of her thighs and strappy gold sandals.

“And you didn’t call me? Some friend you are!”

“You don’t mind sitting up front, do you?” Victor asked Christy. He smiled. “I’ll introduce you to Kyle.”

“Actually,” she said, glancing toward the car, where she could see the outline of her nemesis’s head and shoulders on the driver’s side, “we’ve met. Ages ago. He was a couple of years ahead of me in high school.”

Victor’s eyebrows winged up, and he grinned. “What a coincidence.”

“Not a happy one,” she muttered.


“Nothing,” she said hastily. “I’m all good.”

He closed the rear door on the SUV and led the way back to the front, where he opened the passenger side door. “Hey, Kyle, this is Christy. I think you know her from high school? She’ll be sitting up front so my girl and I can neck in the backseat.” This was punctuated by a “Woohoo!” from Tracy, which had Christy grinning even as she came face-to-face with the specter of her high school horror days.

Even though a dozen years had passed since she’d last seen him, she still recognized Kyle Quinto. And she was sorry to see that his Facebook photo—in which he’d looked buff, tanned, and absolutely yummy—had been a recent one. A small part of her had hoped he’d be fat and balding prematurely, but he had a full head of black hair any woman would enjoy running her fingers through, and the white button-down shirt he was wearing did little to hide his flat stomach. She was doubly glad she’d gone shopping that week.

He was wearing shades, so she couldn’t see his eyes. It was too bad because she would have liked to be able to gauge the sincerity of the roguish smile he gave her. “Christina Martinez,” he drawled. “Now that’s a blast from the past.”





As a little thanks for your support, I’m raffling off a $10 Amazon Gift Card (open internationally and to be sent to the winner electronically) and a tan 2016 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giving Journal (open to anyone with an address in the Philippines, to be sent via mail service). Filipino supporters, feel free to join both raffles!


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Kate Sebastian has been crafting stories since she was tiny. She spent her childhood reimagining classic fairy tales and inventing new ones, then having her dolls and stuffed toys reenact them in elaborate sets she built by rearranging the furniture in her house. She earns a good living writing articles and editing manuscripts, but decided to try her hand at writing romance (the steamy kind) since she reads so much of it.

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