New Year, New Agenda

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New Year, New Agenda

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It’s a spiffy new year, so I decided to kick things off with a spiffy new site. I’ve had very little output since releasing my contemporary novella, Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers, on Buqo in 2014.

I’ve had a few drafts, but nothing I was happy with. And then I dropped off the grid because I didn’t know if I wanted to continue writing as Kate Sebastian. I’d discovered after writing Old Enemies and actually completing the first draft of the prequel novel, tentatively titled Best Friends Make The Best Booty Calls, that my heart simply isn’t in contemporary romance. The question was, though, what kind of books did I want to write? After doing some pretty extensive life evaluation and coming up with my five-year plan, I decided to retain this pen name for my romance, paranormal, and Philippine-based urban fantasy books.

So I decided I’d start rehabilitating my author image (or rather try and lift it from total obscurity into semi-obscurity), then start releasing more books—the kind of books I wanted to read as much as the ones I had already written or wanted to write.

The first task was to set up an author website. Voila! You’re here, so you probably know I’ve done that.

Second, I needed to release my one published book, Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers, on multiple online platforms. As of today, with the help of romance guru Mina V. Esguerra, the ebook is now available via the following:

Buy on Amazon     Buy on Smashwords     buqo-logo     add-to-goodreads

Other platforms, like iBooks and Barnes & Noble, will follow shortly.

Third, I needed to come up with some deadlines for myself. I have some short stories in the works, but I also need to rejigger a couple of book series I started to work on but never really fixed up for publication. I’m hoping to launch at least one of those series this year, so wish me luck and follow me here and on social media (like my Facebook fan page and follow me on Twitter @ImKateSebastian) to stay updated on my progress!

In the meantime, I’d love it if you could check out Old Enemies Make the Best Lovers, and if you could rate and review it, especially on Amazon and Goodreads, that would be super awesome! 

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Kate Sebastian

Kate Sebastian has been crafting stories since she was tiny. She spent her childhood reimagining classic fairy tales and inventing new ones, then having her dolls and stuffed toys reenact them in elaborate sets she built by rearranging the furniture in her house. She earns a good living writing articles and editing manuscripts, but decided to try her hand at writing romance (the steamy kind) since she reads so much of it.

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